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Sophia Kunis eros

I was in Vancouver for a few days and decided to call Sophia from Eros. I booked a 90 minute intro and liked her immediately. She is gorgeous, and extremely easy to talk to. We chatted for a long while and for the first time ever I extended to a 24 hour date. She’s an very low volume provider and you can tell.. she actually felt like an ex girlfriend i was reconnecting with. I will spare the details because I’m sure YMMV, but you absolutely won’t be disappointed if you give her a shout. I doubt I’ll be calling anybody else on my next visit to van……es/4954592.htm

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Sophia Kunis 6335

Well, I was able to organize the time to see Sophia Kunis, and even though she is a little higher priced than I usually spend, I couldn’t be happier. The email setup was easy and when I arrived she had a bottle of champagne waiting. Such a nice gesture. Along with her welcoming elegance the whole experience made me feel like a god.

Now, this girl is drop dead gorgeous. Her photos are actuate, but when you meet her in person, with the way she moves, and the way she speaks, it’s just intoxicating. I can’t stop thinking about her really. And since I have extremely high standards (as I’ve come to realize), this girl hit the mark.

A petite little body (as advertised) with beautiful full tits, and a perfect firm ass. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. We talked like old friends. Which I love because having a deep conversation can be such a turn on. I like to know there is something behind the beauty.

I won’t get into too many details, but after getting to know each other, things kind of just happen naturally. Like I was actually on a date with this girl. Great kisser and knows her way around the bedroom. Leaving me a very happy man.

I will be a regular now, I have no doubt. Sophia, you have me hooked.


Oh, I should probably add a disclaimer: ymmv (because I’m awesome)

07-26-2017, 06:39 PM#1wintersurferwintersurfer is offlineCarpe DiemJoin DateJan 2014Posts840

Sophia Kunis 6335

I booked a 2hr date with Sophia, she had a nice white wine with fruit prepared for when I arrived, she is a very classy beautiful young (early 20s), well educated and very fashionable, she has an amazing body with natural Ds, she has an exotic look, kinda reminded me of a dark haired Cameron Diaz, she provides an amazing non rushed experience (she knows what buttons to push)….
She advertises on EROS.

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Sophia Kunis

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed here, I’ve definitely pm’d a bunch of you, but I thought it was worth giving Sophia a review. You’ll find her on EROS, and her description personality wise is definitely legitimate. She has a nice place downtown, and likes to meet beforehand for coffee or a drink to make sure there’s chemistry and both parties are comfortable. Her age is accurate at 21, but she knows how to have a conversation, has a great outgoing personality and isn’t awkward at all. Another big thing for me with someone this young is that she knows what she is doing in the bedroom. Honestly, she is great in bed and I highly doubt any guy will have issues with her in that capacity, I still have the experience etched in my mind and feel like seeing her right as I write this review.

Her pictures are real, and in my opinion she looks better in person, her body is insanely nice. Her breasts are a perfect shape and size, nice plump backside, fit and has great curves.

I’ve seen plenty of “high end” girls, but my experience with Sophia, service, personality and passion wise was up there with the best of them. Not sure how long she plans to be around, but I plan to see her again this week.

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Sophia Kunis (2014)

She’s been reviewed before but here is my experience. The pics are her. An amazing body with perhaps the best natural boobs I have ever had the pleasure to play with. A very sweet, friendly girl as well. Went through the usual acronyms and she finished me with a CIMWS without hesitation. Cuddle afterwards. She gave me a home baked cookie on my way out. Only downside was I didn’t really feel a connection. But I’m in my 50’s. Some of you younger guys may find something different. Or even some of you older guys. Some people connect and some don’t.